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Digital Signal Processing with F#

May 2019

11 - Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something from it. We have seen that it is possible to treat stateful functions like pure functions by introducing a powerful function composition technique, and that the F# language has syntax support for it. Since the concept behind this technique is so general, it can be applied to different domains, like list processing, asynchronous programming, observables, error handling, and a lot more. While other languages often need to support those domains explicitly by introducing new language features (I remind of C#'s async/await), in F#, it is possible to implement a library that provides convenience to the user and leaving the language untouched and concise.

I would be very happy to get feedback from you. You can get in touch with me on twitter (@SchlenkR), and I am looking forward for interesting discussions.

Since the core concepts are now covered, I suggest having a look at the appendix if you want to dig deeper and see how other general functional concepts can be "mapped and applied" to the domain of digital signal processing.

Thank you very much for taking your time and reading this article.