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Jingle Bells: Music in F#

Published: December 2019
In my contribution to the 2019 F# Advent Calendar, I'm going to pick up the "Local State" computation from my F# DSP post to actually create a synthesizer, compose a song (it's stolen, to be honest) and play a nice melody. Have Fun!
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Digital Signal Processing with F#

Published: May 2019
This is one of the winning submissione of the 2019 "Applied F# Challenge". If you ever asked yourself how you can describe signal flows from low-level, samples based processing up to high-level compositions, in a convenient way: Here you are!
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1 - Introduction
2 - Writing Stateless Functions
3 - Composing Stateless Functions
4 - Writing Stateful Functions
5 - Composing Stateful Objects
6 - Writing Stateful Functions
7 - Composing Stateful Functions
8 - Refactor blendedDistortion with bind
9 - Evaluating Stateful Functions
10 - Analysis
11 - Conclusion
12 - Appendix